Certificate Service Provider (CSP) Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

The Ministery of Infrastructure and the Environment is associated with the Public Key Infrastructure of the Dutch government (PKIoverheid).

The Certificate Service Provider (CSP) enables the issuance of certificates from the PKIoverheid hierarchie by divisions of the ministry. To this end the CPS of the ministry has realised a management system that has been certified against the ETSI TS 101 456 standard.

The divisions that issue certificates under the CSP of the ministry are called Dossierholders. At present the following Dossierholders are active under the CSP of the ministry:

PKIoverheid distinghuises a number of domains in which certificates can be issued. The CSP of the ministry facilitates issuance of certificates in the domains Organisation and Autonomous Devices. To this end the following infrastructure has been made available:

MinIenM Organisation CA

MinIenM Apparaten CA